October 5, 2012

My 89 Goals

In order to make the most of my time here in Japan, I havecompiled a list of 89 goals; one for each day that I am here. The last 10 areleft blank as I welcome ideas from you! Some may prove too hard. Many are outof my control. I am fairly confident, though, that I can make a sizeable dent.And look, I already completed #1!

  1. Start list
  2. Attend a traditional tea ceremony (Post)
  3. Bathe in an Onsen (Post)
  4. Be able to recognize 50 Kanji characters
  5. Be able to sing the Japanese National Anthem
  6. Be able to understand afull-length Japanese film
  7. Be approached for a photo withover a dozen Japanese school girls
  8. Be asked for and able to give directions (Post)
  9. Be denied access somewhere becauseI'm white (Post)
  10. Be invited to a dinner party (Post)
  11. Be on Japanese TV
  12. Be the first person in the worldto see the sun rise (Post)
  13. Beat someone in Tekken (Post)
  14. Become a model (Post)
  15. Christmas Party! (Post)
  16. Discover a Japanese band and seethem live (Post)
  17. Drive a moped
  18. Earn a Japanese nickname
  19. Eat Okonomiyaki (Post)         
  20. Embrace sushi and dine with Jiro (Post)
  21. Experience something crazy at SuperDeluxe (Post)
  22. Feel an earthquake (Post)
  23. Find a $100 watermelon (Post)
  24. Find a job & a one-year visa
  25. Find a love hotel (Post)
  26. Find and dine at Inakaya (Post)
  27. Find Beatles impersonators (Post)
  28. Find the hotel bar & karaoke spot from Lost inTranslation (Post)
  29. Get a custom-made suit (Post)
  30. Get paid in yen to do something
  31. Get wildly lost (Post)
  32. Go an entire day without speaking
  33. Go to a comedy show and understand at least one joke
  34. Go to a Japanese baseball game (Post)
  35. Go to a Sumo match (Post)
  36. Go to Okinawa (Post)
  37. Go back to Okunoin (Post)
  38. Go to the Tsukiji Fish Market (Post)
  39. Hike the Alps (Post)
  40. Learn Celsius (Post)
  41. Learn the Japanese equivalent toeither "The Dougie" or "The Soulja Boy"
  42. Learn the national exercise (rajiotaiso)
  43. Leave the main island (Post)(Post 2)
  44. Make sushi
  45. Meet someone from Oregon (Post)
  46. Not lose anything I came with (Post)
  47. Perform in a karaoke bar (Post)
  48. Play with a rabbit at Ra. A. G. F. (Post)
  49. Purchase one item from the book"Weird Japanese Inventions" (Post)
  50. Purchase panties from vending machine (Post)
  51. Ride a rollercoaster from my firsttrip here (excluding Disney & Universal) (Post)
  52. Read a novel by: Vonnegut (Post),Murakami (Post), and Danielewski (Post)
  53. Receive my absentee ballot andvote (Spoiler Alert: Obama) (Post)
  54. Revisit Nara Dreamland
  55. Revisit the Studio Ghibli museum
  56. Ride a camel in the Tottori sanddunes
  57. Ride the rail to an unknowndestination w/o plans or accommodations (Post)
  58. Run into someone I know (Post)
  59. Ryoan-Ji inKyoto (Post)
  60. See the Pacific Ocean (Post)
  61. See the Kamakura Daibutsu (Post)
  62. See the Statue of Liberty (Post)
  63. Shinjuku Gyoen NationalGarden (Post)
  64. Snowboard (Post)
  65. Solve the rubik’s cube in Kelly'sroom (Post)
  66. Spend the night at someone's home (excludingKelly & Kurumi) (Post)
  67. Spot a member of the Yakuza (Post)
  68. Stay in a capsule hotel (Post)
  69. Stay in a Ryokan (Post)
  70. Stroll through Yoyogi Park (Post)
  71. Succesfully hitch-hike (Post)
  72. Summit Mt. Fuji
  73. Swan boat (Post)
  74. Swim in the Sea of Japan
  75. Take a bike-ride through the country-side (Post)
  76. Visit WWII monument in Hiroshima (Post)
  77. Walk the RainbowBridge (Post)
  78. Win yen at Pachinko
  79. "Eat as many weird flavored Kit Kats as possible" -Claire Abramowitz (Post)
  80. Go to Yakushima Island (Post) (Post) (Post)
  81. Have a traditional KFC Christmas (Post)
  82. Be a cartographer for the day (Post)
  83. Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku
  84. Ascend Skytree (Post)
  85. Find the fake food at Kappabashi-Dori (Post)
  86. Spend a day in Nikko (Post)
  87. Chow down at Whoopi Goldburger
  88. Chill with the snow monkeys in Nagano (Post)
  89. Complete this list


Lukas Kendall said...

Read "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" like Don Draper did.

Richard Kraft said...

Indoor Skiing. Should be easy to pull of since there are everywhere.

Claire Abramowitz said...

YESSSSS I'm proud and honored.

Nicky Kraft said...

Does this mean I should read The Chrysanthemum and the Sword while wearing a suit, with my hair slicked back, and while being unbelievably handsome?