October 8, 2012

Adventures Through Kiddyland

Taylor was in search of a specific toy and I knew the best place to find Japanese toys was Kiddyland: Japan's answer to FAO Schwarz (minus the bankrupt thing).

The Harajuku district, which is where Kiddyland is located, is one I have grown to know pretty well. During my previous two trips in Japan I have explored the fantastic shopportunities of Harajuku and the neighboring Shibuya, so I felt confident navigating and play tour guide:

"On your right you'll see the traditional Shakey's Pizza...

"And if you'll turn your attention across the alley, you'll see the Kangol store."

Where Samuel L. Jack-san buys his hats.
These two famous Japanese landmarks meant we
were getting close to Kiddyland, a 5 story toy store:
Trying panorama mode to capture the height of Kiddy Land

Almost all Japanese characters are adorable. This is the exception.
Guess what's back!
Not entirely sure what is grungy about this Mickey.
Rebel Cufflinks, for the elegant Jedi.
Light Saber tie clips. Oddly enough not one of GQs endorsed accessories this season.
Snoopy Tea. Snootea. A product made for Taylor.
I don't remember the part of My Neighbor Totoro where he dressed like a 90s R&B singer.

Disney Steam Cream somehow doesn't sound very fun.

This is Rilakkuma, a Japanese children's character. I think he's a pervert.