November 1, 2012

Am I Swedish?

This morning I put the finishing touches on a new animated sign. I think I have successfully shown my ability to animate things getting run over by trains, so my next task will be animating a sign that is not gruesome. There's a perverted animated bear that I've got my eyes on next...

I've been getting to know Kelly's roommate Yurika who returned from the States a few days ago. I didn't think it was possible to meet someone even more kind and welcoming than Kelly, but she certainly gives her a run for her money. The two of us sat around the breakfast table today whilst devouring the giant bags of American candy she brought back with her and talked a bit about Okinawa, where she is from and where I plan on heading in a month. 

Lizzy and I met up in the evening for an art fair, which seemed to be the
equivalent to First/Last Thursday in Portland or the Abbot Kinney Art Walk. Well that's what I was able to gather from the website at least because we could never find the place. Was it a place or a random series of galleries? I guess we'll never know.

Perhaps we were unable to find it because we were lost in conversation during our walk. I think she felt bad that we were unable to find the place but I was enjoying the company and was in no way let down that I didn't get to look at over-priced paper lanterns and paintings on wood . 

We spent a good deal of time discussing our feelings on life in Japan as well as what we'd like the next few months to look like. Always interesting offering advice to someone who is asking the very same questions you're trying to answer. They say that if you can't decide between two things, you should flip a coin. Not because you'll have an answer once it lands, hands or tails, but because while it's in the air, it will become apparent which outcome you want more. I think the same is true for offering advice to someone asking similar questions as yourself; my answers were probably the answers I was looking for.

Or I just completely bullshitted and steered this sweet girl into an awful situation. Only time will tell, and hey, if it's meant to be...

We met up with Andrea after discovering an alley of food carts, a DJ, and some dressed-up Japanese hipsters (in costumes for Halloween, not suits). After we enjoyed some food on wheels, the three of us hopped on the rail to meet up with some of Andrea's fellow students at the University. The majority of them were Swedish and kept insisting that I was either Swedish or had Swedish blood. My lack of obesity has lead many to question if I'm really American, but I assure them that I've got a large carbon footprint and a small understanding of global politics. They seem to believe me after that.

I am looking forward to four things tomorrow:

1. Hearing from Gaba with regards to a job offer. They said they'd contact me tomorrow
2. Getting together with Aziz and Lizzy in the evening to plan a trip to Okinawa together
3. Meeting up with someone I reached out to on Reddit. I subscribed to the subreddit r/Japan and found a lonely Brit looking to hang with someone while she's here for a few days. I've never met someone in real life from the internet (with the exception of Couch Surfing) so if this blog isn't updated tomorrow, tell the Japanese police that "Mia" is armed and dangerous.
4. Meeting up with another Los Angeleno who I reached out to on Richard's FB. Again, where would i be without the internet? Probably asleep.

So goodbye, internet. Hello pillow.

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