October 6, 2012

How to Ride the Rail

The Japanese Rail system is different from the MBTA or the MTA in that you do not pay a flat fee for a ride, but rather a different amount depending on how far you're going. It's nice in that you save money, but can be confusing. Luckily I have written this post to help you out. You're welcome:

Step 1: Find the appropriate rail (in this case, Toyoko Line)

Step 2: Consult this map that tells you
the fare amounts. From your origin it will tell you the different amounts based on your exit station.

Step 3: Select the price for the ticket.

Step 4: Insert the correct amount.

Step 5: Collect ticket and change (if applicable).

 Step 6: Check your ticket (not necessary, just wanted to show off my shoes).

Step 7: Insert ticket into turnstile

Step 8: Walk through and collect ticket (Newbies will forget this step).

Step 9 (not pictured): Don't lose your ticket!

Step 10: Determine which direction you're riding the line based on the stations listed.

Step 11: Insert ticket at exit in order to open gate and leave.

Step 12: Be proud of yourself for navigating the line, you're a regular Magellan.