October 29, 2012

Somewhere That's Green

Monday was starting to look like Sunday. I realized it was already past 1pm and I was still lounging around Kelly's. I had gone for a run in the morning and realized I hadn't explored the neighborhood much, so after a much needed Skype session with a beautiful woman back in West Hollywood, I put on a coat and decided to set out for somewhere green.

Last time I set out for something beautiful, I opened up my Maps application and looked for a green blob. My first attempt had brought me to the Imperial Castle but all that Tsunashima had to offer was a park. I was sold!
Wandering through the green
Before my trek, I decided it would be wise to get some food. Who knows how deep this forrest lead! And to top it off, I decided to redeem myself in the battle against single serving Haagen Dazs cups. Well, I'm proud to say that this time I proved victorious! If "Milk Café" makes it way to the states, I highly recommend picking up a large tub; it's delicious!
Amazing how much more enjoyable/less humiliating this process was with a spoon

After I filled my belly, I headed towards the green. The main road split and I decided to
take the road below. What followed were two hours of wandering through this park, into the neighborhoods nestled into the hillside, and a lot of admiring of foliage, gardens and side streets.
Where the journey began
This guy prevented me from using the restroom.

Not sure if these grow naturally like this, but there were plenty to admire
Heading up the hill for views of Tsunashima
"This is where the dead people live" -Deena Kraft
Night falls on Tsunashima
My first attempt at HDR

A great deal of wandering somehow plopped me right back onto the main road that leads from the station to Kelly's. I decided to check out an adorable little café I always pass on the walk back and finish my book. But we'll save that for here.

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