October 6, 2012

Statue of Riberty

Today was a two-for-one in terms of goal annihilation:

43 Leave the main island
62 See the Statue of Liberty

For reasons that are beyond me, Japan is home to not one but TWO replicas of the Statue of Liberty. Perhaps if I had stopped to read some of the signs its presence would not have eluded me, but I was instead trying to settle the cognitive dissonance caused by seeing the Statue of Liberty with the Tokyo skyline behind it.

Odaiba beach with the Rainbow Bridge in the background
Perhaps the statue is there to make it painfully obvious that Odaiba, the man-made island just South of Tokyo proper, is a tourist trap.

I count Odaiba as off the "main island" but the 5 minute monorail ride there and
the fact that it's not a naturally occurring island makes the victory feel a little cheap. I still have plenty of opportunities to leave mainland.

I also technically saw the Pacific Ocean (60) but it was in a bay. Isn't all the water in the world the Pacific Ocean? Or the Atlantic? The water in your toilet was at some point the Pacific Ocean. I think I'll wait to check that one off the list until I'm looking at the ocean.