October 4, 2012

Thank Yous

I want to thank a few people who have been instrumental in making this trip possible.  The unwavering support has been overwhelming from everyone, but a few are directly responsible:

Aiko: You were my first Japanese teacher and cultural ambassador.
Kelly & Kurumi: My two hosts in Japan. I wouldn’t have had the courage to book my tickets without your invitations.
Mark: You lit the fire under my ass and told me to just go for it.
John, Chris and Jill at Disney: You three have been encouraging and helpful from the earliest stages of this adventure.
Caroline: Your support has meant the most to me. Thank you for letting me take this journey. Your selflessness and patience are unparalleled; I am in awe of you. 
Dad: I credit this entire idea to you. You helped me organize and strategize.
Mom: Thank you for literally sending me to Japan. Thank you for enabling my train travel. Thank you for letting me go.

Here is my pledge to everyone who
has helped me thus far:
-I will update you all as much as possible.
-I will not take this time for granted.
-I will come back.