October 6, 2012

Yoyogi Park

Got to check off another goal today: 70 Stroll through Yoyogi park.

After the nighttime stroll though, I realized it was only half of the experience. The park is considered to be the most beautiful in the Tokyo area, which is hard to see at night.

What I did experience during the night were two things I had been curious about:
Rebellious youth culture & homeless culture.

I was remarking earlier in the day that I hadn't seen a single homeless person or panhandler. Taylor and Kelly seemed to agree that a person's pride and face are so important in this culture that a person would not want to be seen begging or sleeping in public places. But with the cover of night and the privacy of the park, I discovered a number of people sleeping in the park.

But a few of them had iPads.

The standard of living in Japan
is so high that even the homeless people have iPads.

The other thing I witnessed for the first time so far were rowdy youth. Some were clearly drunk, others flicked cigarette butts into the lawn (an attractive quality, BTW). While this may have disturbed me in America, it did less so here because it was nice to see people not being so polite and well behaved.

Kelly commented on the train back home that every person was collected on the train, sitting upright in their seat, minding their business and not talking to one another. I've been told that Tokyo is the most polite and two-faced city in the country, whereas people in Osaka are more laid back and "real". Curious to see if that's true.

Sorry to say, no photos of Yoyogi as it was dark. Will snap some when I return in the daylight.