November 7, 2012


Four years ago today I was running through the streets of Boston, yelling at the top of my lungs about Obama's victory. I was joined by a few hundred students who shared this enthusiasm. The night culminated at the Christian Science Center reflecting pool where we all decided the best way to celebrate the first African American president was to hop in the freezing cold water and splash around.

Today I biked around Kyoto with two friends. It was very peaceful. We visited various shrines and gardens, and enjoyed the side streets and alleyways that connected them. When the news came in from America, I felt a huge sigh of relief and spent the rest of the day with a big grin on my face. There were no reflecting pool parties or cheering mobs, but there was a great breeze blowing on my face.

I have discovered the freedom that comes from having a bicycle. Everything I love about walking- the discovery of new places, the ability to go anywhere, the feeling of being outside- are all amplified with a bike because of the the ability to cover great distances in shorter amounts of time.

I am not the first person to make this discovery, especially not in Kyoto where there seem to be just as many bikers as there are pedestrians, but it's been a great revelation for me. I foresee more pedaling in my future. This is big for someone who didn't learn to ride a bike until the age of nine.

The two Brits departed back to Tokyo so I decided to head to the hostel I am staying in this evening and upload a month's worth of photos to Facebook. There is a lot to share about the hostel itself, but that will be saved until after I've spent a full night here. And truth be told, as much as I loved biking all day, it really took it out of me. So here are some photos, some attempts at funny captions, and my best wishes until tomorrow.

PS I've still got that grin on my face. Way to go, America.

A beautiful way to star the day
Nature finds a way
All I see is a giant Kit Kat bar
Trying to make it work.
Riding down the philosopher's path
Gardens galore
A beautiful and pointless stairway leading to absolutely nothing.

Attempting to get the following shot
Peaking through the trees
An Edo-period elevator...

Fall colors

Yes, I definitely want my school bus to imply the hitting of children.
We picked the perfect time to visit Kyoto
Inside a parasol
Two lovers on a bridge
A great place to find Obama has won reelection
Cruising the streets

Being white= photo op.
Shortly after hearing Maine legalized same-sex marriage

I was lead to believe these would be grand.
Dedicated to the shot
Making friends
Kyoto Station

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