December 1, 2012

Swimming with the Fishes

Our first evening on Okinawa was a success as we had truly assimilated into the culture, but I was drunk off love (I didn't catch the name of the sloshed mother who I danced with) and the others were perhaps drunk off alcohol, so we did not get that early start we were hoping for.

We also hadn't made plans for our first full day. I'm learning it's best to go to sleep with a plan that way you can get up and go. The dilly-dallying and uncertainty makes it hard to get going and usually leads to an uneventful day. And while our day was quite lovely, we were only able to squeeze in the aquarium, meaning I will have to return once again to Okinawa to go to Pineapple Park, which as far as I could tell from the window of our car, was a theme park dedicated to the Pineapple.

Wait for me, sweet golden pineapple man, I shall return

After a breakfast pitstop, we made our way North to the Okinawa Aquarium, which is apparently famous throughout all of Japan as they have three whale sharks in their big tank. And if that sounds insanely awesome, then you're right, it was! Please enjoy the following pictures of fishes, crustaceans, cephalopods, and other creatures that made me go "ew, what the fuck is that?"

Why the suggestive wink?

The child on the far right was straight up molesting the sea cucumbers
This model shows what happens when you step on this particular creature.
The bricks I would shit if I saw this in the ocean
The most eager to please fish.


Chilling under the WHALE SHARKS!
I would also shit bricks if I was swimming and say that
This model showed the cross sections of a great white, which was basically just muscle, teeth, and a brain only big enough to have one thing in mind: eating.
A giant squid
Ocean Spider
A fantastic mascot

Great aquarium! I appreciated the lack of puffins and penguins. Don't get me wrong, I love a good penguin exhibit, but I just don't think they belong at aquariums. And puffins? Get the fuck out, those are birds, I'm no dummy.

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