December 13, 2012

Darling Dumplings

Had a fantastic day exploring Yokohama, which is the second largest city in Japan and home to the Cup Noodles museum. Unlike Tokyo, with it's bustling streets and endless crowds, Yokohama is relatively quiet. Not sure where all 3.5 million people go during the day, but it was nice to be able to navigate the streets without bumping into people. I took care of a little gift shopping but mainly admired the city and found a few spots to read. In honor of Christmas, I have begun reading Sam Harris' The End of Faith. When Faith Hill dies, I think that would also be a good title for her biography.

I met up with Catherine and Lizzy, who had spent the afternoon learning about our noodle savior,  Momofuku Ando. They were easy to spot, sporting their Cup Noodles necklaces, but more than that, they seemed enlightened. His holiness Momofuku said that all beings are noodle beings, and after spending the day at the Cup Noodles Museum, Catherine and Lizzy had become a little more starchy; you could see it in the way they walked. It's a beautiful thing to see two people I care about embrace the gospel of Momofuku. R'amen.

The three of us hopped on the train to the largest Chinatown in Japan, which I guess makes it the second largest Chinatown in Asia, after China... Our mission was buns, dumplings, and all thing yummy, and I am happy to report that we accomplished that mission:

I would/could/wanted to eat all of those

Hot dumpling!
I may or may not have accidentally put the whole thing in my mouth, where it proceeded to get stuck

Pork & Panda meat buns?
He looks terrified. Rightfully so.
Hard to tell if this is the name of the restaurant or what they serve
I suppose that's better than "Great Hairy Bar"
Me and my lama
Catherine told me about a place in Tokyo where they sell all of the fake display food. Goal 85: go buy some!
I thought it was a nail salon, turns out it was a busy psychic readings establishment

Alright, a word about chestnuts: There are no fewer than 4 street vendors per block who sell bags of chestnuts. Their approach is always the same: they invite you over to try one and then try to push a bag on you, which will run you upwards of $15. But I think they're all in cahoots (which is a great word) because I see them shuffling product between the stands, swapping out bags, and generally being shady. It's like a drug trade, but with chestnuts. What they don't realize though is that if there are 4 free samples on every block, there's no need to a buy a bag. "Oh, what's this product? I've never had one before" I'd say to the tune of a free sample. And to avoid having to decline the sale, I'd make a face of "Meah, I don't really care for this." BUT I LIED! I beat the system.

Unidentified Food Object. Seriously, what is that?
Sharing secrets
The lobster seems to be checking the arse of this duck.

Never be caught without salt! Attach this pendent to your cellphone and you'll always have some, incase of emergency.
Separated at birth?

What I meant when I said I made a dent in my Christmas shopping...
Well this is just a terrifying manikin. 

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